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no seriously how has it been six months since she looks so perfect like im sure only yesterday wherever you are was released what the hell

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i keep forgetting how famous 5sos has gotten over the past few months and ill see them in a magazine or something and itll hit me in the face like a fucking rock

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au: tagging along at the studio purely to annoy your lovely boyfriend, michael

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xx Aug. 4th, 2014.

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reblog if you want anonymous opinions of you

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The goofiest moments from our 5 seconds of summer interview
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5sos go on about how illiterate they are and then they go and write these emotional ass songs with deep and meaningful lyrics like idk what ur tryin to pull here

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It angers me a lot how in love with luke i am.. like fuck, he could sit on a couch saying the word penis repeatedly and i’d still be in love with him. why the fuck couldn’t it have been someone else.. someone who was within at least two leagues of mine.. his league is like on the fucking stars but i can’t quit loving him and it’s been a year now and fuck. 

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why am i not making out with luke right now

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